100 Difficult English Words Vocabulary Part 2

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Sr. No.

English Word Hindi Word Example
1. Mainstream मुख्य धारा
  1. They often carry stories you won’t find in mainstream media.
  2. Parties have become a mainstream way to celebrate.
2. Rely भरोसा करना
  1. I rely on you for good advice.
  2. He is not a reliable person.
3. Devise वसीयत
  1. He’s good at devising language games that you can play with students in class.
  2. The cartoon characters Snoopy and Charlie Brown were devised by Charles M. Schultz.
4. Induce प्रेरित करना
  1. Opium induces sleep.
  2. The movie has induced fear of dark in me.
5. Housemaster गृहस्वामी
  1. Our housemaster is very strict.
  2. Our housemaster always makes sure that each student is asleep latest by 11 pm.
6. Often अक्सर
  1. I often see him in the garden.
  2. How often do you wash your hair?
7. Inspire प्रेरित करना
  1. His confident leadership inspired his followers.
  2. After her trip to Venezuela, she felt inspired to learn Spanish.
8. Dull सुस्त
  1. I don’t like dull colors.
  2. This article is very dull to be printed in a local newspaper, spice it up!
9. Continual निरंतर
  1. I’ve had continual problems with this car ever since I bought it.
  2. I’m sorry – I can’t work with these continual interruptions.
10. Vices दोष
  1. Greed, pride, envy, and lust are considered to be vices.
  2. Gluttony is a vice, not a virtue.
11. Outdated रगड़ा हुआ
  1. These are all outdated weapons.
  2. This is an outdated technology.
12. long-term दीर्घावधि
  1. This policy will give you long-term benefits.
  2. This illness requires long-term care.
13. Mob भीड़
  1. There is a violent mob outside the court.
  2. The mob encircled him.
14. Widespread बड़े पैमाने पर
  1. There was widespread support for war.
  2. Disturbance because of the transport strike is widespread.
15. Compromise समझौता
  1. Party unity is threatened if members will not compromise.
  2. You will have to compromise with your comforts if you want to be successful.
16. Wise ढंग
  1. I think you made a wise choice.
  2. My grandfather is the wisest man I know.
17. Ample प्रचुर
  1. You’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions after the talk.
  2. There’s ample evidence that the lawyer knew exactly what she was doing.
18. Truly सही मायने में
  1. At this time of year, the river is a truly beautiful sight.
  2. She was a truly great actress.
19. Outposts चौकियों
  1. The outpost has first-aid service.
  2. The outpost didn’t have enough ammunition to resist any attack.
20. Camouflage छल
  1. She is camouflaging her pain by laughter.
  2. This smile is a mere camouflage for her sorrow.
21. Grin मुसकान
  1. She grinned at me.
  2. The mere thought of meeting him makes me grin.
22. Exposed उजागर
  1. The news channels have exposed the faces of the criminals.
  2. The house is highly exposed to sun.
23. Fosters फोस्टर
  1. We are his foster parents.
  2. She was taken into care by the local council and placed with a foster family.
24. Reality सच्चाई
  1. You cannot escape from reality.
  2. Who knows the reality of all these TV shows.
25. Blame आरोप
  1. The public is blaming the driver for the accident.
  2. It’s unfair to blame Roger.
26. Monopoly एकाधिकार
  1. The government is determined to protect its tobacco monopoly.
  2. Is Microsoft a monopoly?
27. Product उत्पाद
  1. They do a range of skin-care products.
  2. The product is so good it sells itself.
28. Middle मध्य
  1. This is my class photo – I’m the one in the middle.
  2. He was standing in the middle of the road.
29. Lower कम
  1. She lowered the bucket in the well.
  2. Heavily pregnant by now, she lowered herself carefully into the chair.
30. Smug आत्मसंतुष्ट
  1. Kate looked extremely smuggled this morning.
  2. She deserved her promotion, but I wish she wasn’t so damned smug about it.
31. Definitely निश्चित रूप से
  1. Have you definitely decided to go to America?
  2. Have you definitely decided to go to America?
32. Investment निवेश
  1. Stocks are regarded as good long-term investments.
  2. We cannot let out students go without gifts, they have invested so much of time in this function.
33. Management प्रबंध
  1. There is a need for stricter financial management.
  2. The company will always pay you if you show a good management of your tasks.
34. Mismanagement कुप्रबंध
  1. The restaurant was hopelessly mismanaged by a former rock musician with no business experience.
  2. The mismanagement at the party could be felt.
35. Undertakings उपक्रमों
  1. The construction of the tunnel is a large and complex undertaking.
  2. This undertaking reads that you’ll have to compensate for the loss if company has any in the previous 5 years.
36. Eye आंख
  1. Living in another country can be a real eye-opener.
  2. Seeing chickens being slaughtered was a real eye-opener for them, they now know here food comes from.
37. Intervention हस्तक्षेप
  1. The Central Bank intervened in the currency markets today to try to stabilize the exchange rate.
  2. The minister intervened personally to stop the museum being closed.
38. Capital पूंजी
  1. They have invested a large capital in their new industry.
  2. New Delhi is the capital of India.
39. Burden बोझ
  1. She has extreme burden of work at office.
  2. She was burdened by work at office so she left her previous job and will now look for something better.
40. Private निजी
  1. She has a small office that is used for private discussions.
  2. I caught him looking through my private papers.
41. Become बनना
  1. We’ll see what becomes of this case.
  2. It was becoming cold, so we lit the fire.
42. File फ़ाइल
  1. I have put all your reports in a file.
  2. She filed for divorce on Tuesday.
42. Foul बेईमानी से
  1. Those toilets smell foul!
  2. This cloth is foul to be used as a duster.
43. Surface सतह
  1. The surface of this table is really smooth.
  2. There are pebbles inside which are visible on the surface of water as well.
44. Smooth निर्बाध
  1. This fabric is so smooth.
  2. We hope for a smooth transition to the new system.
45. Surprise आश्चर्य
  1. Seeing you here surprises me!
  2. They threw a surprise party for their daughter’s birthday.
46.  Condemned दंडित
  1. The president condemns the terrorist.
  2. The video was condemned by the public.
47. Couples जोड़ों
  1. A married couple.
  2. Only couple entry is allowed at the party.
48. Interfere हस्तक्षेप
  1. It’s their problem and I’m not going to interfere.
  2. I’d never interfere between a husband and wife.
49. Check जाँच
  1. The school has a strict checking system for outsiders.
  2. Customs stopped us and checked our bags for alcohol and cigarettes.
50. Partake हिस्सा लेना
  1. Will you partake in the dance competition?
  2. I have not received a list of students partaking in the race.
51. Compete प्रतिस्पर्धा
  1. It’s difficult for a small shop to compete with the big supermarkets.
  2. Both girls compete for their father’s attention.
52. Impact प्रभाव
  1. The impact of the crash reduced the car to a third of its original length.
  2. Mobile phones have negative impacts on kids.
53. Reader पाठक
  1. He’s an avid reader.
  2. I am a regular newspaper reader.
54. Blackmailing भयादोहन
  1. They used the photographs to blackmail her into spying for them.
  2. He blackmailed a businesswoman by threatening to expose an alleged fraud.
55. Paralyzed स्तंभित
  1. The accident left her paralyzed from the waist down.
  2. The transport strike paralyzed the city.
56. Better बेहतर
  1. He stood near the front to get a better view.
  2. I think, I can get a better deal for this phone online.
57. Stall दुकान
  1. In the village market, the stalls are piled high with local vegetables.
  2. I have put up a stall of homemade chocolates in my college twice during the fest.
58. Justified न्याय हित
  1. I accept that the criticism is completely justified.
  2. Their strike is fully justified.
59. Profession पेशा
  1. Teaching as a profession is very underpaid.
  2. He’s a doctor by profession.
60. Selfish स्वार्थी
  1. I have always been there for you but you never come for my help, you are very selfish.
  2. Why are you being so selfish?
61. Sympathy सहानुभूति
  1. I have sympathy for these stray dogs.
  2. I never show my pain in public to avoid any kind of sympathy.
62. Conquer जीत
  1. In 1453, the Ottoman Empire conquered Istanbul.
  2. After playing with their dog for so long, I conquered my fear of animals.
63. Boycott बहिष्कार करना
  1. People were urged to boycott the country’s products.
  2. The union called on its members to boycott the meeting.
64. Arrange व्यवस्था
  1. I am going to arrange an event where all our school teachers and alumni will be invited.
  2. I’ll arrange their dinner f0r tomorrow.
65. Network नेटवर्क
  1. The company has spanned its network of customers in the entire globe.
  2. Massive investment is needed to modernize the country’s phone network.
66. Computers कंप्यूटर
  1. All our customer orders are handled by computer.
  2. We’ve put all our records on computer.
67. Access अभिगम
  1. The only access to the village is by boat.
  2. Metro train is easily accessible from here.
68. Reputation प्रतिष्ठा
  1. The company has a worldwide reputation for quality.
  2. She has the reputation of being a good doctor.
69. Technology प्रौद्योगिकी
  1. Modern technology is amazing, isn’t it?
  2. What this country needs is a long-term policy for investment in science and technology.
70. Stalking पीछा करना
  1. That boy has been stalking me on my social media.
  2. Don’t stalk him, go and talk directly.
71. Hackers घुसपैठिया
  1. We have hired a few hackers to access the data of what our competitors.
  2. You can be a certified hackers by pursuing this course of one year.
72. Raising स्थापना
  1. We are raising funds from donations only.
  2. To raise your audience, you must connect to people directly.
73. Workforce कर्मचारियों की संख्या
  1. The majority of factories in the region have a workforce of 50 to 100 (people).
  2. Much of the workforce in the banking sector is affected by the new legislation.
74. Hungry भूखा
  1. I’m still hungry.
  2. I have not had anything since morning, I am extremely hungry.
75. Funded वित्त पोषित
  1. The company has agreed to fund my trip to Australia.
  2. The new college is being privately funded.
76. Alongside साथ – साथ
  1. The new pill will be used alongside existing medicines.
  2. Bring your boat alongside of mine.
77. Steep खड़ी
  1. This ramp is so steep!
  2. It’s a steep climb to the top of the mountain, but the view is worth it.
78. Merit योग्यता
  1. The merits of this process are lesser than its demerits.
  2. Her ideas have merit.
79. Abnormality असामान्यता
  1. This is a genetic abnormality.
  2. An increasing number of tests are available for detecting fontal abnormalities.
80. Effect प्रभाव
  1. His rude behavior is perhaps the effect of the bitter treatment he received at his previous job.
  2. I think I’m suffering from the effects of too little sleep.
81. Quacks नीम हकीमों
  1. The ducks started quacking loudly when we threw them some bread.
  2. I love to hear the ducks quacking, I find it really pleasant.
82. Bitter कड़वा
  1. Ewe! This curd has a bitter taste.
  2. Their foster mother gives them bitter treatment.
83. Transparent पारदर्शी
  1. The waters of the lake were transparent until the factory dumped waste there.
  2. His shirt was practically transparent!
84. Business व्यापार
  1. My brother’s in business.
  2. He’s in the frozen food business.
85. Superpower महाशक्ति
  1. Heroes in fictitious movies always have superpowers to fight the villains.
  2. These superpowers shown in all these cartoon series is a way to manipulate kids.
86. Sex लिंग
  1. What sex is your cat?
  2. Sex determination before the birth of a child is illegal.
87. Act कार्य
  1. Don’t be so silly – you’re acting like a child!
  2. He acted as if he’d never met me before.
88. Disgust घृणा
  1. It’s disgusting that there are no schools or hospitals for these people.
  2. The conditions of public oilers disgust me.
89. Misuse दुरुपयोग
  1. She was accused of misusing company funds.
  2. Please don’t misuse your freedom.
90. Display प्रदर्शन
  1. All the new collection is in the display, you can check that out and pick whatever you like.
  2. They displayed their new jewelry with utter pride.
91. Spot स्थान
  1. The leopard is noted for the spots of color in its fur.
  2. He had a spot of grease on his tie.
92. Bark भौंकना
  1. She must have been barking mad to lend him so much money.
  2. The dog has been barking for very long, I think there is something wrong.
93. Crime अपराध
  1. No crime stays hidden.
  2. There is rising crime in the city.
94. Book किताब
  1. Have you read any good books recently?
  2. He’s got a book on home remedies.
95. Commercial व्यावसायिक
  1. This is not for commercial purpose, it is just for public interest.
  2. These are all commercial products.
96. Conservation संरक्षण
  1. Conservation of forests is important to maintain the ecosystem.
  2. The government is working for the conservation of natural resources.
97. Society समाज
  1. This society has been known for centuries for its colorful clothing.
  2. There’s a danger that we will end up blaming innocent children for society’s problems.
98. Fare किराया
  1. Train fares are going up again.
  2. I don’t have money to pay for the fares, will you please pay for me?
99. Disappear गायब
  1. He just disappeared from the party.
  2. Apply this ointment for a couple of days and your acne will disappear.
100. Punishment सज़ा
  1. You should receive a just punishment for cheating in your exam.
  2. He got punished at school for not being regular.
101. Lawyers वकील
  1. I want to see my lawyer before I say anything.
  2. You should hire a good lawyer to fight for your case.
102. Police पुलिस
  1. I think you should call the police.
  2. The police are investigating fraud allegations against him.
103. Witness साक्षी
  1. I need a witness to present to prove him myself innocent in this case.
  2. I witnessed the accident.
104. Silly नासमझ
  1. Don’t do that, your silly boy!
  2. I lost the match because of a silly mistake.
105. Basically मूल रूप से
  1. They have added some fancy features but it is basically a car.
  2. I should not have done it basically.
106. Mastermind विख्यात मन
  1. The company trust his decisions the most, he is considered the mastermind of the company.
  2. He is a mastermind in developing policies.
107. Glove दस्ताना
  1. I just cannot do without gloves in winters.
  2. Do you have a pair of gloves?
108. Almost लगभग
  1. It was almost six o’clock when he left.

2. Almost all people went there.

109. Relation संबंध
  1. The relation between diet and health is complex.
  2. Yes, he is a relation of mine but a distant one.
110. Careless लापरवाह
  1. Parents these days are so careless!
  2. How can you be so careless about your stuff?
111. Ensure सुनिश्चित करना
  1. The airline is taking steps to ensure safety on its aircraft.
  2. Please ensure that there is enough fuel in the car before you take it for a long drive.
112. Stem तना
  1. The stem of this plant is very weak.
  2. The stem of a banyan tree is very tough and hard.
113. Material सामग्री
  1. He got all the material for the building from abroad.
  2. Crude oil is used as the raw material for making plastics.
114. Rather बल्कि
  1. It’s rather cold today, isn’t it?
  2. Don’t go to Shimla, you rather go to Manali.
115. Viewpoint दृष्टिकोण
  1. The viewpoint by the side of the road gave us a stunning panorama of the whole valley.
  2. From my viewpoint, he is a very honest man, I don’t know how others see him.
116. Lax ढीला
  1. The rules are fairly lax.
  2. The hoop of the rope fell lax.
117. Attack आक्रमण
  1. The man was attacked by four louts and no one went ahead to save him.
  2. Army forces have been attacking the town since last night.
118. Commission आयोग
  1. I have never seen the broker after he got his commission.
  2. The real-estate broker charged a four percent commission for their knowledge on bidding for commercial properties.
119. Meddle दखल देना
  1. My sister’s always meddling in other people’s affairs.
  2. People shouldn’t meddle with things they don’t understand.
120. Academic शैक्षिक
  1. This is our academic curriculum.
  2. A party will be organized at the end of this academic year.
121. Disagree असहमत
  1. I disagree to his idea of not marrying.
  2. She is disagreeing to my plan for no reason.
122. Displeasure अप्रसन्नता
  1. I wouldn’t want to do anything to displease him.
  2. I could sense his displeasure at the party.
123. Ordinance आज्ञा
  1. City Ordinance 126 forbids car parking in this area.
  2. City Ordinance 126 forbids car parking in this area.
124. Divert ध्यान हटाना
  1. The workers diverted the stream away from the road.
  2. The workers diverted the stream away from the road.
125. Entertainment मनोरंजन
  1. This doesn’t make any sense, it is just for entertainment purpose.
  2. Some sort of entertainment is important so as to stay refreshed and happy.
126. Sense समझ
  1. With her keen sense of smell, she could tell if you were a smoker from the other side of the room.
  2. My cold is so bad I’ve lost my sense of smell.
127. Insurgency विद्रोह
  1. The government is reported to be concerned about the growing insurgency in the South.
  2. Suppress the insurgency by isolating the rebels from rest of the population.
128. Mentality मानसिकता
  1. I can’t understand the mentality of people who hurt defenseless animals.
  2. Their mentality doesn’t match mine.
129. Least कम से कम
  1. I gave him the least possible attention.
  2. There are least chances that she won’t come.
130. Forget भूलना
  1. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name.
  2. Let me write down that date before I forget it.
131. Pry जिज्ञासा
  1. As a reporter, I am paid to pry into other people’s lives.
  2. She is always prying into my personal matters.
132. Skeptical उलझन में
  1. I can see why people are so skeptical about skeptical about him.
  2. Tom was skeptical when Rhea said she saw an elephant dancing on road.
133. Research अनुसंधान
  1. We are researching on drug addiction in India.
  2. They are carrying out some fascinating research on the language of dolphins.


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