20 Most important from of verbs | Verbs From in English Grammar

20 most important from of verb
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20 important verbs in English Grammar

तो आज हम इस lesson में सीखने वाले हैं कुछ important verb जिसको आप daily life में use कर सकते हैं :-

S. No. Verb (infinitive) With Example Past simple Past participle
1. Act ( किसी उद्देश्य के लिए कुछ करना )


  1. He is acting like a child.
  2. This is not the time to think but act.



Ask (पूछना)


  1. He ask me the question very rudely.
  2. Your parents were asking about your careers.
Asked Asked
3. Bump (टकराना)


  1. Chair bumped with the table.
  2. This car is going to bump with bike parked over there
Bumped Bumped
4. Wonder (हैरान होना)


  1. I was wondering about how she did it.
  2. Tourists were wondered at the beauty of Taj Mahal.
Wondered Wondered
5. Use (इस्तेमाल करना)


  1. I have use this pencil.
  2. I am going to use this again.
  3. We should not make the Excessive use of mobile.
Used Used
6. Swim (तैरना)


  1. I don’t know how to swim.
  2. Swimming is a good exercise
  3. Dolphin swims very fast.


Swam Swum
7. Think (सोचना)


  1. I always think about this topic.
  2. We should think deeply before doing anything.


Thought Thought
8. Quit (छोड़ना)


  1. Successful people never Quit.
  2. He wants quit the fight.


Quit Quit
9. Promise (वादा)


  1. I have promised to help him.
  2. We should always keep our promise.


Promised Promised
10. Fly (उड़ना)


  1. Eagles fly very fast.
  2. He was flying the kite.
Flew Flown
11. Eat (खाना)


  1. He was eating lunch when I reached is house.
  2. Birds are eating the crops.


Ate Eaten
12. Gain (बढ़त)


  1. Sodium cation gains an electron to stable.
  2. No pain no gains.
Gained Gained
13. Kill (हत्या)


  1. He killed him with knife
  2. The snake was killed by ram.
Killed killed
14. Fill (भरना)


  1. Fill in the blanks with suitable word.
  2. The sac is filled with sugar.
Filled Filled
15. Pay (वेतन)


  1. We should pay our own bills.
  2. Swati always pays my fees.
Paid Paid
16. Open (खुला हुआ)


  1. He is opening his startup next month.
  2. He opened the box fill of candy.
Opened Opened
17. Relish (आंदन उठान)


  1. I Relish visiting the mountains.
  2. He relished to see his new car.
Relished Relished
18. Try (कोशिश)


  1. Even trying her best to achieve silver model.
  2. Don’t give up without trying.
Tried Tried
19. Vow (व्रत)


  1. He vowed to tease his every time.
  2. Bhism Pitamah vowed of celibacy all his life.
Vowed Vowed
20. Unite (संयुक्त)


  1. We are united here to compel this project till.
  2. Oil and water never unit.
United United


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