100 Daily used words in English | Basic Vocabulary in Hindi

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Basic Vocabulary With Example

Sr. No. English Word Hindi Word Example
1. Crammed तंग
  1. Eight children were crammed into the back of the car.
  2. The ashtray was crammed with cigarette butts.
2. Historical ऐतिहासिक
  1. I would like to know some historical background of this place.
  2. She enjoys reading historical novels set in 18th-century England.
3. Requirement आवश्यकता
  1. I have an urgent requirement of Rs.10,000.
  2. It is a legal requirement that you have insurance for your car.
4. Caste जाति
  1. I don’t believe in caste systems.
  2. She has married her daughter in some other caste.
5. Unreal अवास्तविक
  1. This document is unreal.
  2. I think, ghosts are unreal.
6. Huge विशाल
  1. They live in a huge house.
  2. The costs involved in this project is huge.
7. Dictionary शब्दकोश
  1. I find Oxford dictionary the best.
  2. This is an English dictionary.
8. Failed अनुत्तीर्ण होना
  1. I failed in my mathematics exam.
  2. He has two failed marriages behind her.
9. Itself अपने आप
  1. The cat licked itself all over.
  2. Water drained from the washing machine itself.
10. Keeps रखता है
  1. “Do you want it back?” “No it’s yours, for keeps.”
  2. I am giving you my dress for keeps.
11. Studied अध्ययन
  1. After a pause, he gave a studied answer.
  2. She has studied science in college as well.
12. creative रचनात्मक
  1. She has a creative mind.
  2. We need a creative person to write this content.
13. Prove साबित करना
  1. The operation proved a complete success.
  2. Prove your innocence.
14. Intelligence बुद्धि
  1. They conducted an intelligence test.
  2. Intelligence comes from reading and studying.
15. Lookout बाहर देखो
  1. One of the robbers waited outside to act as a lookout.
  2. The police was on lookout for 3 weeks.
16. Industrious मेहनती
  1. He is an industrious worker.
  2. She’s extremely competent and industrious.
17. Costing लागत
  1. We’ll need accurate costings before we can agree to fund the scheme.
  2. It won’t be a successful product because its costing is already very high.
18. Crops फसलों
  1. The main crops grown for export are coffee and rice.
  2. We don’t grow crops anymore, we now deal in vegetables.
19. Sweating पसीना आना
  1. The prisoners were sweating with fear.
  2. It was so sunny that I started sweating intensely.
20. Tennis टेनिस
  1. Sania Mirza is a tennis player.
  2. My son enjoys tennis the most.
21. Flabbergast हैरत में डालना
  1. I am flabbergasted to see all these compliments.
  2. I was flabbergasted to see him after 10 years.
22. Enjoy आनंद लेना
  1. I really enjoyed that film.
  2. I enjoy meeting people and seeing new places.
23. Tribe जनजाति
  1. Tribes have been always been exploited by these travel guides to entertain the tourists.
  2. Tribes were removed from their places and factories were built.
24. Pick चुनना
  1. Pick a card from the pack.
  2. Pick the red apples only.
25. Pockets जेब
  1. I have no pockets in this shirt.
  2. She thrust her hands deep in/into her pockets.
26. Hook हुक
  1. The boat was held at the bank with a hook.
  2. You have to turn the hook to the other side to open the frame and then only you can fix another picture in this.
27. Combine जोड़ना
  1. I shall combine these pictures in an album.
  2. Combine these songs to make a parody.
28. Sip सिप
  1. This tea is very hot, so sip it carefully.
  2. I just a want a sip of water.
29. Drawing चित्रकारी
  1. I am drawing a chair for myself to sit.
  2. Rosie loves drawing.
30. Abnormal असामान्य
  1. This behavior is abnormal.
  2. This plant is abnormal, I think it is diseased.
31. People लोग
  1. You won’t find much people here.
  2. There were people from Australia.
32. Learning सीखना
  1. I am learning Spanish these days.
  2. I think you should learn cooking.
33. Financier कोषाध्यक्ष
  1. I think you must go to a legal financier.
  2. Being a financier is a really hard profession.
34. Power शक्ति
  1. She has the power to take the decisions for her family.
  2. I have the power to run 2 kms without stopping even once.
35. Relatives रिश्तेदार
  1. I haven’t got many blood relatives.
  2. All her distant relatives came to the wedding.
36. Just अभी – अभी
  1. This is a just assessment of the facts.
  2. I just smiled at him.
37. About के बारे में
  1. What’s that book about?
  2. This is a film about the Spanish Civil War.
38. Little थोड़ा
  1. It was a cute little poem which the kids prepared on their own.
  2. She gave me little rice in a bowl.
39. Specialists विशेषज्ञों
  1. He is a software specialist.
  2. She’s a specialist in modern French literature.
40. Employ काम
  1. How many people does your company employ?
  2. I have employed 3 new machines to increase the production.
41. Bid बोली
  1. You can enter only when the principal bids.
  2. She was bidden to the wedding.
42. Currency मुद्रा
  1. Do you possess any foreign currency?
  2. The dollar is a strong currency.
43. Zeal उत्साह
  1. You cannot accomplish something unless you have the zeal to.
  2. She has the zeal for dancing.
44. Duffers डफ़र्स
  1. You are such duffer students!
  2. It is just to call him a duffer.
45. Nothing कुछ नहीं
  1. I have said nothing to him.
  2. There was nothing in the box.
46. Department विभाग
  1. The accounts department is having a Christmas party this week.
  2. She is the Head of the English Department of our college.
47. Gain बढ़त
  1. I have gained nothing out of this business.
  2. They must gain some support from the students to win the elections.
48. Library पुस्तकालय
  1. There is a vast library in my college.
  2. I got a book issued from the library.
49. Factory फ़ैक्टरी
  1. Our school took the students to a biscuit factory.
  2. Her father is a manager in a factory.
50. Hope आशा
  1. It’s good news, I hope.
  2. I’m hoping for an interview next week.
51. Present वर्तमान
  1. There is no growth of our company at present.
  2. My father got me a car as my birthday present.
52. Designs डिजाईन
  1. Who designed this building/dress/furniture?
  2. I don’t like the design of this bedsheet.
53. Years वर्ष
  1. We went to Egypt on holiday last year.
  2. At this time of year the beaches are almost deserted.
54. Ordinary साधारण
  1. This is an ordinary dress.
  2. She looked really ordinary in the party.
55. Stick छड़ी
  1. The old man was carrying a load of sticks.
  2. Stick this sheet on the wall.
56. Restore बहाल
  1. Please restore all the deleted data.
  2. After a week in bed, she was fully restored to health.
57. Concentrate ध्यान देना
  1. I can’t concentrate on my work with all that noise.
  2. Concentrate on your work.
58. Policy नीति
  1. Phones are prohibited in the company premises to avoid any communication of the private policies.
  2. We cannot take an action which is against our policies.
59. Movement गति
  1. He made a sudden movement towards the gate.
  2. He had no movement in his legs since he met an accident.
60. Fold तह
  1. Fold these clothes properly.
  2. Will you help me to fold the sheets?
61. Process प्रक्रिया
  1. I don’t think, this is the right process to make batter for cupcakes.
  2. The process is delayed because we haven’t received permissions from the trustees of the school.
62. Fence बाड़
  1. The colony has decided to get new fencing done around the park before the Christmas party.
  2. The fence has broken from one corner.
63. Supported समर्थित
  1. Two boys supported the aged man to stand.
  2. Farmers are supported by the government in a lot of matters.
64. World दुनिया
  1. He is the richest man in the entire world.
  2. I will do what I like, let the world say whatever they please.
65. Our हमारी
  1. This is our car.
  2. We have sold our house last week.
66. Resolve संकल्प
  1. Have you resolved the problem of transport yet?
  2. The couple resolved their differences and made an effort to get along.
67. Agreement समझौता
  1. The agreement says that the profit and losses will be shared by all the partners equally.
  2. They are running their business freely without any agreement.
68. Latest नवीनतम
  1. Can you suggest me some latest wedding songs?
  2. She follows latest trends.
69. Eruption विस्फोट
  1. There was an eruption of joy at the final whistle.
  2. An eruption of noises.
70. Active सक्रिय
  1. You’ve got to try to keep active as you grow older.
  2. She is an active student.
71. International अंतरराष्ट्रीय
  1. This is not a problem of just one country, it has become an international issue.
  2. She won a dance competition at an international level.
72. United संयुक्त
  1. Two dynasties united to fight their common enemy.
  2. The whole village was united in their grief.
73. Independence आजादी
  1. India got its independence from the British rule in 1947.
  2. She enjoys independence because she stays away from her family.
74. Helpless मजबूर
  1. I had to give up because I was really helpless at that time.
  2. I am helpless, I have to send him to a boarding school.
75. Decision फैसला
  1. This is the hardest decision of my life.
  2. The company will make a decision shortly.
76. Embellish संवारना
  1. Let me embellish this dress with some beads and sepia-stones.
  2. She embellished her hairstyle with a golden accessory.
77. Another एक और
  1. We can fit another person in my car.
  2. Do you know another way to do this job?
78. Adjustment समायोजन
  1. She made a few minor adjustments to the focus of her camera.
  2. I have to make a few adjustments to my business plan.
79. Unit इकाई
  1. In every gadget, even the smallest unit is very crucial.
  2. There are 5 units in this factory.
80. Standard मानक
  1. This piece of work is below standard/is not up to standard.
  2. They have a high living standard.
81. Equal बराबर
  1. Both men and women are equal in the eyes of God.
  2. All the boxes are equal in size.
82. Ranks पद
  1. He has just been promoted to the rank of captain.
  2. My son stood on rank 2 in his class.
83. Officer अफ़सर
  1. His father is a naval officer.
  2. He is a top-ranking officer.
84. History इतिहास
  1. I would love to learn the history of Mughal rule in India.
  2. I am really not interested in knowing your life history.
85. Same समान
  1. My twin sister and I have got the same nose.
  2. She and her sister use the same phone.
86. Demands मांगों
  1. I demanded an explanation.
  2. This work demands true devotion.
87. Lapse व्यतीत
  1. Their company failed because they didn’t heed the lapses that occurred.
  2. The work shall not be stopped because of a mere lapse.
88. Rightly ठीक
  1. They quite rightly complained to the manager.
  2. The decision was rightly taken by the board of directors.
89. Sight नजर
  1. If your sight is poor, you should not drive a car.
  2. She lost her sight in an accident.


90. Genius प्रतिभा
  1. Einstein was a (mathematical) genius.
  2. From the age of three, she showed signs of genius.
91. Assessment मूल्यांकन
  1. An aptitude test will be conducted before the final assessment of marks of each student.
  2. I think their production assessment is inaccurate.
92. Accordingly इसलिए
  1. When we receive your instructions we shall act accordingly.
  2. She’s an expert in her field, and is paid accordingly.
93. Engage लगाना
  1. I am engaged in the fest preparations.
  2. I don’t think he is engaged in any such political work.
94. Hardly मुश्किल से
  1. You hardly get to meet an illiterate in the southern parts of India.
  2. She has hardly left a question in her exams ever till now.
95. Indiscipline अनुशासनहीनता
  1. Two students were suspended from school for their indiscipline.
  2. No indiscipline shall be borne by the school.
96. Spark चिंगारी
  1. She has a spark in her eyes, I think she is the right person!
  2. Increase in interest rates have sparked new problems for the businessmen.
97. Aspire आकांक्षा करना
  1. I aspire to be a doctor.
  2. As a child, he aspired to be a great writer.
98. Although हालांकि
  1. She walked home by herself, although she knew that it was dangerous.
  2. Although the ground was very muddy, the match went on.
99. Reply जवाब
  1. Did you receive any reply from your clients?
  2. She always gives me prompt replies.
100. Rag लत्ता
  1. I got scared to see that woman in rags.
  2. They rags him about his girlfriend.


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