100 Daily used words in English | Basic Vocabulary with Examples

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Vocabulary in English With Examples


Sr. No. English Word Hindi Word Example
1. Offset भरपाई
  1. The donation amount can be offset against the taxes.
  2. We have reserves to be offset against any unexpected taxes.
2. Off and On बंद और शुरू
  1. I’ve had toothache on and off for a couple of months.
  2. He is always on and off at work, I have never seen him regular.
3. Little थोड़ा
  1. He had a little food in his plate.
  2. He gave a little smile.
4. Fact तथ्य
  1. He had no facts in his speech.
  2. Water boils at 100° C, this is a universal fact.
5. Upset परेशान
  1. The college was somewhat upset due to the indiscipline among the students.
  2. I am upset with his behavior.
6. Ultimately अंत में
  1. Ultimately, the matter will be seen by my father.
  2. The business will be run by Ram, ultimately.
7. Action नीलामी
  1. I bought this dining table from an auction.
  2. The house and its contents are being put up for auction.
8. Military सैन्य
  1. I wish to join any of the military forces.
  2. The government doesn’t interfere in military affairs.
9. Yardstick मापदंड
  1. On what kind of yardstick is he basing his criticism?
  2. Companies have to show their productivity to be measured against the yardstick set by the government.
10. Improvement सुधार की
  1. I can see a good level of improvement in the education system.
  2. He is working for the improvement of the living conditions in their area.
11. Services सेवाएं
  1. The postal services are worsening.
  2. They have really good services at their salon.
12. Possible संभव
  1. It is possible for me to come on Friday.
  2. Is it possible to buy tickets in advance?
13. Backward पिछड़ा
  1. When he was a child, his teachers thought he was backward.
  2. That area is really backward for current times.
14. Aptitude कौशल
  1. My son has no aptitude for sport.
  2. They check one’s aptitude before hiring.
15. Universities विश्वविद्यालयों
  1. Delhi University is one amongst the top universities of the world.
  2. He has just gone to Chandigarh for his university education.
16. Closely निकट से
  1. The doctor saw his wound closely.
  2. The chairs are closely arranged.
17. Interlinked आपस में जुड़े
  1. The functions of all colleges under one university are interlinked.
  2. The railways have an interlinked system with the airlines for a few years now.
18. Scientific वैज्ञानिक
  1. They are busy with a scientific research.
  2. This is a scientific method to extract oil from the mines.
19. Diseases रोगों
  1. She is suffering from an undetectable disease.
  2. Stray animals are likely to spread diseases.
20. Dishonorable नीच
  1. This act is dishonorable.
  2. Don’t ever try to dishonorable your teachers.
21. Monumental स्मरणार्थ
  1. This is a monumental task.
  2. Time is monumental.
22. Turning मोड़
  1. Go straight and turn to the left.
  2. He turned and looked at me.
23. Faults दोष
  1. There is some fault in the circuit.
  2. This is his fault.
24. Contrary विरोध
  1. His decisions are always contrary to his mother’s.
  2. This is contrary to my plan.
25. Diligent मेहनती
  1. We need diligent people in our team.
  2. Their lawyer was extremely diligent in preparing their case.
26. Themselves खुद
  1. They cook their food themselves.
  2. Did the children enjoy themselves at the party?
27. Reform सुधार
  1. Who will reform Britain’s unfair electoral system?
  2. The government promises to reform the corrupt systems.
28. Transform परिवर्तन
  1. The city is transformed since the introduction of metro.
  2. Yoga can transform one’s body shape.
29. Harmony सद्भाव
  1. The group of students sang in harmony.
  2. Harmony among the workers is important to achieve desired goals.
30. Without के बग़ैर
  1. I’ve come out without my umbrella.
  2. Don’t come without your books.
31. Grope अंधे की तरह खोजना
  1. She groped for her glasses on the bedside table.
  2. I groped for the some support under water because I don’t know to swim.
32. Action कार्य
  1. Each action is important and critical.
  2. I asked him to explain his actions.
33. Political राजनीतिक
  1. There are many political parties in India.
  2. There is curfew in the town due to political unrest.
34. Progress प्रगति
  1. There is progress in technology.
  2. The school is progressing in each aspect.
35. knowing ज्ञान
  1. Knowing that she was ill, I didn’t ask her if she would want to come.
  2. He came to college, not knowing that there was a strike and got stuck for 4 hours.
36. Stellar तारकीय
  1. It is a stellar idea to be able to visit your grandparents frequently.
  2. I found his suggestion absolutely stellar.
37. Jiffy पल
  1. She said she will be back in a jiffy.
  2. t took a jiffy for him to prepare the food.
38. Entire संपूर्ण
  1. The entire class is absent.
  2. He’d spent the entire journey asleep.
39. Speed गति
  1. You must drive at a lower speed.
  2. He runs with a high speed.
40. light रोशनी
  1. Turn the lights off.
  2. She wore a saree in light pink color.
41. Understand समझना
  1. I understand his reasons and that is why I am not upset with what he did.
  2. You should be able to understand their language to be able to survive there.
42. Unrest अशांति
  1. Curfew has been imposed due to political unrest in the town.
  2. There is some unrest in the business due to bad relationships between the partners.
43. Kill मार डालो
  1. A lot of people were killed in the riots.
  2. Smoking kills!
44. Democracy लोकतंत्र
  1. India has democracy since 1947.
  2. Democracy is better than any other form of government.
45. Moral शिक्षा
  1. It is legally incorrect but is morally correct.
  2. It is my moral duty to not dump garbage on the road.
46. Spiritual आध्यात्मिक
  1. Praying is a spiritual practice.
  2. Temples, churches, mosques are all spiritual places.
47. Weaken कमजोर
  1. His death has weakened his wife terribly.
  2. Support me if you can but please do not weaken me with emotions.
48. Establish स्थापित करना
  1. I am planning to establish my business by the end of this year.
  2. They have establish their company once again with better policies.
49. Fancy कल्पना
  1. I fancy your new car.
  2. She wore such a fancy jewelry.
50 Narrow संकीर्ण
  1. This is a narrow path.
  2. I am afraid of driving on narrow roads.
51. Tenet सिद्धांत
  1. Many people believe in the tenet that parents are responsible for their children’s behavior.
  2. My religious tenet does not allow me to drink alcoholic drinks.
52. Fanatic कट्टर
  1. I am a travel fanatic.
  2. She is fitness fanatic.
53. Sweet मिठाई
  1. I don’t want my tea to be sweet.
  2. I love sweet pancakes.
54. Toil कठिन परिश्रम
  1. Justin is the right person for this job who will toil until his job is done.
  2. Workers toil in the hot fields but are never paid.
55. Tear आंसू
  1. She cried tears of happiness when she saw her son after a year.
  2. This is such a bad assignment, I will tear it.
56. Assembly सभा
  1. In order to change the bearing, you first have to remove the gearbox assembly.
  2. An assembly of students was arranged to say the morning prayers.
57. Initiated शुरू किया
  1. Who initiated the fight?
  2. It was she who initiated the dance society of the college.
58. Carriage सवारी डिब्बा
  1. Carriage of this much goods will not be possible in my car; I need to hire a truck.
  2. The queen came in a horse-drawn carriage
59. Foremost सबसे महत्वपूर्ण
  1. This is one of the country’s foremost arts centers.
  2. She’s one of the foremost experts on child psychology.
60. Naught शून्य
  1. All our efforts were for naught.
  2. All their plans came to naught.
61. Politics राजनीति
  1. He made a career out of politics.
  2. I just do not like studying politics.
62. Slander बदनामी
  1. He has separated his business from his partner for slander.
  2. She regarded his comment as a slander on her good reputation.
63. Blemish दोष
  1. Her skin is blemished.
  2. They made efforts all day but the painting still has some blemishes.
64. undoubtful निःसंदेह
  1. The principal is undoubtful about organizing this trip.
  2. You have to be undoubtful before investing money.
65. Stamina सहनशीलता
  1. The sports school always conducts a test of stamina before giving admission to a student.
  2. She has a weak stamina, she cannot run for long.
66. Seldom कभी – कभी
  1. Now that we have a baby, we seldom get the chance to go to the cinema.
  2. You will seldom find an hour to relax in this kind of job.
67. Disgrace अपमान
  1. This is a matter of disgrace for the school.
  2. He brought disgrace on the whole team by passing a slander for the other team.
68. Parents माता – पिता
  1. I’m going to meet Richard’s parents for the first time this weekend.
  2. I My parents come to meet me every Sunday.
69. Ugly कुरूप
  1. He is such an ugly creature.
  2. I did not expect such an ugly act on his part.
70. Builders बिल्डर्स
  1. I have contacted a few builders for the construction of my new office.
  2. They bought a house directly from the builders.
71. Downstream बहाव के साथ
  1. The current carried her downstream.
  2. The current of the river was so harsh that two kids were carried downstream with it yesterday.
72. Wicked शैतान
  1. I have never seen a man more wicked than him.
  2. A person with such a good position was not expected to be involved in such a wicked act.
73. Great महान
  1. I spent a great deal of time there.
  2. A great storm was approaching the shore which was controlled by the weather department.
74. Easily सरलता
  1. I hope you reached easily.
  2. They completed the given task easily.
75. Partners भागीदारों
  1. He shut the business after his partner was killed.
  2. The two companies are partners in a contract to build a new power station.
76. Healthy स्वस्थ
  1. She’s a normal healthy child.
  2. You must eat healthy food.
77. Run दौड़ना
  1. She goes to run every morning, such a health fanatic she is!
  2. This man has been appointed to run all the new machines in the factory.
78. Compete प्रतिस्पर्धा
  1. She competed with two wrestlers in the last match.
  2. I won’t compete with my own brother.
79. Warmth गरमाहट
  1. This blanket gives me the perfect warmth that I need in this weather.
  2. She provides her family with warmth and love.
80. Later बाद में
  1. I have come, she will come later.
  2. I arrived later, my wife came at first.
81. Youth युवा
  1. I was a fairly good football player in my youth.
  2. Her youth and beauty is what attracted him to her.
82. Educational शिक्षात्मक
  1. This is an educational activity in which all the students have to participate.
  2. We will be organizing an educational trip this year.
83. Outdo आगे बढ़ना
  1. He always tries to outdo everybody else in the class.
  2. No matter how hard I try, I am never able to outdo Shyam in football.
84. Very बहुत
  1. You walk very slowly.
  2. This is a very serious situation.
85. Appoint नियुक्त करना
  1. She has been appointed to maintain the accounts of the company.
  2. We need to appoint someone to keep a check on cleanliness in the premises during the function.
86. Rowdy उपद्रवी
  1. He was accused of being a rowdy in the party.
  2. He was rusticated from the school for his rowdy behavior.
87. Preparatory प्रारंभिक
  1. The school has granted a few preparatory leaves to the students for their annual exams.
  2. Just a few preparatory actions and we will launch the software.
88. Chances संभावना
  1. I had a chance to go to Europe last year but I refused to go.
  2. He left and I missed my chance to say goodbye to him.
89. Examinations परीक्षा
  1. I passed in my SSC examinations.
  2. They have taken her blood samples for examination to find out the medicines she has been taking.
90. Subject विषय
  1. I have talked enough on this subject.
  2. The city had been subjected to British rule.
91. Attention ध्यान
  1. Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention, please?
  2. Please pay attention.
92. Wasted बर्बाद
  1. We have already wasted an hour waiting for him.
  2. They have wasted all their money on shopping for a stupid fest.
93. Replace स्थान लेना
  1. The factory replaced most of its workers with robots.
  2. I have to replace my old mobile phone with a smartphone.
94. High उच्च
  1. He comes from a high class family.
  2. He is a high priest.
95. Status स्थिति
  1. The economic status of the country is really poor.
  2. What is the current status of the patient.
96. Reputation प्रतिष्ठा
  1. He has a goof reputation in the society.
  2. He has earned his reputation from the social work he keeps involved in.
97. Against के खिलाफ
  1. She spoke against the decision to close the college.
  2. 50 people voted against the new proposal.
98. System प्रणाली
  1. They have a central-heating system in the house.
  2. A system should be developed to maintain proper accounts of the firm.
99. King राजा
  1. Customer is the king of the market.
  2. Mango is the king of fruits.
100. Cram रत्ता मार
  1. Eight children were crammed into the back of the car.
  2. The ashtray was crammed with cigarette butts.


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